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Gene Test Sampling Pack divided into Liquid Sampling Pack and Card-Sampling pack
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A CCTV program <Science> “Disease Susceptibility Gene Test to Estimate Future Health”
集团多年来致力于生物技术的研究开发与人类健康事业, 成绩斐声业内。 现拥有两家香港联交所上市公司及十多家控股和相关公司, 承担过众多国家级科研项目并多次获得业内奖项, 涉及到业务包括生物高科技服务 · 健康服务· 生物制药等。 目前集团积极开拓国际市场, 以便让更多客户享受到优质· 贴心的专业服务, 为其打造健康· 愉悦的人生。
The Group has devoted itself to the research and development of biological technology as well as human health and has yeilded a successful and outstand result. With two listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited(SEHK) and more than ten controlling or relevant companies, we give services in the field of biological high-tech, health service, biological pharmaceutics, etc.....

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